Smart Landscaping & Agriculture-Singapore

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October 17, 2019

Landscaping  puts Singapore on the Map

Singapore is renown for its garden city image. The landscaping industry has gone through many changes much of it thanks to the drive & vision of the people at N-parks. We have several iconic gardens , beginning with the  Botanic gardens that’s over 100 years old, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site,  to the latest being the Jewel at Changi Airport. The most iconic being Gardens by the Bay. These projects stand testament to the talent  & creativity of our landscape architects coupled with abilities of our local landscapers has brought international recognition to Singapore and to the industry.

Technology Challenges 

As the landscape industry progresses & changes , there is a growing need to incorporate more technology to (a) reduce development & construction time & (b)better manage the plant resources.  We are keenly aware that the information available on the plants & trees comes from visual cues & are solely reliant on the expertise of the specialist.

Manpower Challenges 

Its a challenge for a handful of trained personnel to monitor that many plants & trees.  Furthermore much of the information to keep plants healthy, is only  available at the root level & accessing that critical information is a challenge.

Tapping Root Information 

IoT Solaris recognized the need for solutions  to help landscape architects, consultants, landscapers  to better understand & monitor,  plants & trees from the roots up. Working with its partners in the United States released its second-generation wireless sensor, the SP-110, enabling a new data driven solutions for smart irrigation in the green industry.

Measure Parameters
1) Moisture
2) TemperatureSpiio SP-110
3) Light(Lux)
4) Salinity

1) Easy to Deploy
2) Continuous Monitoring
3) Reduce Physical Checking
4) Multiple Monitoring Locations
5)Accurate Real Time Information
6) Long Term Data Collection

Integrate Smart Data With Smart Irrigation

The IoT -Sp-110  integrates with smart irrigation controllers, allowing for full automation. It comes with the highest possible IP grading (IP69K) , making it very durable, with  battery life of several years.


Data Working For You 

The data from our IoT -SP 110 wireless sensors will allow commercial landscapers, green designers, horticulturists & agricultural growers to use smart irrigation effectively. It will enable targeted, water usage & focused plant management.

Smart Management   

Access to root information & data will now allow us to understand the soil conditions , juxtapose against the plant health.  Landscape architects, consultants & landscapers, can  easily use the data-driven solutions to implement large scale vertical urban greening & agriculture , for future, sustainable super-cities.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Control & Consistency 

The data will accurately predict the growth & yield of the various plants & tress under different soil & moisture conditions , through the power of predictive analytics.

Engines of Growth                                                                                                                     

Our future iconic gardens & urban farms will now have the added dimensions of befitting from, smart technology.  The long term adoption of  IoT technology will play a major role in  transforming the industry into an engine of growth in the 4th industrial revolution. IoT Solaris is here to help our clients take the small steps into big world of IoT technology.